Big Healthy Breakfasts

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Some people think of healthy meals and all they can picture are those teeny tiny little gourmet meals where the glaze looks like more of the meal than the meal itself in their mind. Looks a little like this, right?


Does this ring a bell with you? You feel like you can only eat a tiny bit of food and that you're surely going to be starving within an hour. I want to show you exactly what I eat for breakfasts quite regularly so we can explore this idea a little more closely.

Let's dispel those myths, shall we?

I've noticed that I can pack quite the doozy of a breakfast for fewer than 500 calories. I mean, we're talking tasty egg dishes and oatmeal and a smoothie--all at once. See that? I have what appears to be three breakfasts in one! All for fewer than 500 calories, and with tons of lean protein. The best part is, I stay full for several hours with all of this food and I can even have a snack a little later in the morning.

Let's break it down so you can see how this works

1. One packet of Great Value maple and brown sugar oatmeal, prepared with water. 150 calories

The Oatmeal Artist: French Toast Oatmeal  (Milk, vanilla extract, salt, cinnamon, syrup) - super yummy. i never made my French toast with cinnamon so I didn't think it tasted like French toast, but awesome anyways.. (PS with almond milk it works in the microwave, not with regular milk though)

2. Five egg whites with a pinch of shredded cheese and spices of choice, 91 calories (18g protein!)

Egg white microwave scramble

You can also add a ton of veggies and make a veggie scramble, which adds minimal calories and packs a TON of vitamins and nutrients. And aside from salt and pepper, Mrs. Dash is a wonderful way to spice up the eggs.

3. One fruit smoothie or milkshake. My regular morning staple is 1 cup frozen mixed berries, 1 scoop protein powder and water. Sometimes I make a milkshake with a few Tbsp milk, one frozen banana, 1Tbsp peanut butter, water and 1/4c Greek yogurt. 190 calories (or 255 calories for the milkshake)
Fruit Smoothie

Total calories for three breakfasts in one: 431!!!

Then, around 11:00am, I usually have a light snack. Sometimes I'll make chickpea salad or just munch on a serving of cottage cheese. This usually amounts to another 150 or so calories. So, I'm still under 600 calories by lunchtime.

Wanna know what other myth this defies? The one that says that healthy food takes so much longer to prepare. Wrong! Oatmeal packets take about 5 seconds to prepare. Egg whites can be scrambled in the microwave in minutes and a smoothie prepared in a Magic Bullet takes about 15 seconds. That's faster than drive-through, my friends! And it's so incredibly healthy and nutrient-packed that it makes little sense to eat any other way.

Healthy eating really can be that I could go on!

What's a typical breakfast like for you?

*all calorie estimates were based upon my own ingredients using the nutrition calculator

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