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Skilled Wordsmith

If I could choose a super power...oh wait, I do have a super power!

It's turning words into meaningful experiences, writing content that moves customers, and brings even a basic pen alive (for real, I've written copy for hundreds of pens).

It's a big responsibility to have. Good writing changes everything. And I want to use my superpowers to save your online world!

Do you want to use my superpower to bring your website to life?

You already know you need an online presence. But you also need to stand out, communicate your brand clearly, and draw crowds in with your words.

There are people that like to write and people that hate it. There is usually no in between. Are you the person that hates it? Does it take you 30 minutes of hair-pulling to build a paragraph?

Every day that you leave your website up with bad copy, or skip the copy altogether, is another day of lost sales and missed connections.

Oh dear, let me take that burden from you! Because to me, it's not a burden, it's a craft. Your trash, my treasure. Save yourself the time, and your lush head of hair!

But it's not just the writing itself that you need, it's the thought and meaning that go into the writing to create a connection with your ideal client and naturally ends up in more conversions for your products and services.

Client connection. Major Traction. Conversion.

It's the type of writing that makes prospects dig into their wallets that didn't even know they needed your resources, until they saw them.

But it's not the type of writing that makes your clients feel spam radar go off. No manipulation, slimy sales tactics, or other things that make people feel dirty. It's honest, trustworthy and even a little vulnerable.

You see, people in today's world are reaching out for deeper connections, for people who "get" them, for people who make them feel valued. And we can do this together with your website copy!

Why You Must Choose Me:

  • First, I was that kid who won essay and spelling contests in grade school and aced those grammar classes. I was born with the writing craft in my blood.
  • Then, I went off to college and graduated magna cum laude with a BS in English. Even though I had a calculus professor try to convince me that I should major in math. Turns out I'm really good at math. But I hate math. I LOVE writing!
  • After that, I acquired 8 years of experience as a corporate web copy manager. Compelling, SEO-driven product copy, email blast copy, corporate blogging and other creative consulting is part of my job description.
  • During that same time, I maintained a fitness and lifestyle blog, managed a home full of crazy, and did all kinds of other superhuman things in one day.
  • At some point, I acquired a Copywriting Certificate from MediaBistro, the site with modern real-world education.
  • I am constantly learning more about my craft everyday. You will always find me with ear buds listening to some kind of educational or personal development material. Probably while writing something.
  • Over the years, I have moved many people to tears and to action with my writing.
  • My friends have called the way I build word worlds from almost nothing "pure magic!"

Peek Inside Some of My Magical Content:


Creative Writing

Product Copy

Other projects that you won't see here, that reflect major talent, are letters that capture the heart, professional job postings, revamped resumes, essays that won me awards, etc. You get the idea?

You will see an adaptability in these works. You will see heart and soul in some. You will see personality. You will see a love for choosing the most effective words.

My motto here on Boun-see is to elevate the everyday. Writing is one way that I've been blessed to extract the beauty and get more life out of the everyday. Let me bless you with my wordcraft.

Contact me and let's chat about my packages.

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