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Hello, my name is Jessica and I’m a sweat-aholic. I am also a proud momma, wife and writer from Wisconsin. My day job at a fabulous, awesome, rare company keeps me busy with my various copywriting tasks. I have also dabbled in freelance writing and personal training on the side.

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This blog is dedicated first and foremost to my most favorite things about this life: motherhood, writing, fitness, thrift shopping and DIY projects. Boiled down, I like to capture moments, projects and habits that make the everyday a little more special. Finding the meaningful in the mundane is my specialty, and I hope to be able to inspire you to find the special in the ordinary.

Fitness: I am a self-proclaimed fitness fanatic and NASM-certified personal trainer. I love learning as much as I can about health and fitness and putting it into practice, offering insights and free workouts to my readers in the process. And I am here to give you a “normal” person’s perspective on weight loss and healthy living. During college, I joined my first gym (my first introduction to actual fitness, ever!) and that fueled my desire to be the healthiest person I could be. I lost a lot during that first phase and even more after nursing my son. I’m on a journey to figure out my body’s fit equation. I am also a proud member of Tone It Up. If you would like online personal training, feel free to contact me here and we'll set you up with a personalized plan.

Motherhood: Baby Boy Collins was introduced to this world in 2008 and Baby Girl Collins in September 2014. Motherhood brings out a whole new dimension in a person. I live and love in a whole new way now that I am responsible for these beautiful little people. They teach me more than any professor I’ve ever had. I like to share those precious moments that moms understand best on here. Through the activities that we create for our family, I hope to inspire you to be resourceful and make the best use of your resources to build upon your own family's experience. Simple things like family bike rides along a breaker wall have the potential to become lasting memories.

DIY: I also love, love, love to create. Mostly, I like doing projects that will become gifts for other people. I've considered opening an Etsy shop before, but I decided that I am most galvanized by making things for other people or my own home versus the marketplace. I am the type of sewer that abhors tricky patterns and rules. I am not a great painter, but I still like to crack out the watercolors every once in awhile. I love Mod Podge, ribbon, fabric, pretty papers and hair-things. My favorite projects are those in which I recycle a disposed of object and bring it to life, such as metal stands or satin nightgowns from the thrift store. Once in awhile, I surprise myself and pop out a whole quilt. Recently, I've been dabbling in more fitness-related DIY like mantra workout towels and yoga mat holders. I always share the step-by-step process on here so you can get ideas and join along too!

Writing: If there is such a thing as a born writer, then I am one. I am no Hemingway, but I can feel my destiny to be a writer all the way in my soul. I work as a copywriter by profession, but not really the kind you see on Mad Men. I write more product description-type copy. The company I work for is beyond awesome, so I couldn’t be any more thankful. I also have a few smaller pieces of writing published in actual books (you know, the kind you put your autograph in for your grandma), including A Cup of Comfort: Book of Christmas Prayer and the Wisconsin Review. In addition to that, I have a side freelance writing gig that keeps me writing. Writing, wordsmithing, translating life into words--it fulfills me in a way that almost nothing else can; writing is the most effective way for me to communicate; writing gives me an outlet; writing allows me to bring bits and pieces of the world to life. I think in poetry If you have a writing or editing job that you could use help with, feel free to contact me and I'll see what I can do.

Thrift Shopping: I have been a thrift shopper since I could breathe, I think. My grandma volunteered at St. Vincent De Paul ever since I can remember. I never realized until much later, but she was teaching us the value of money, the sensibilities of buying secondhand, how to be original with your wardrobe, and the way to look great with a little patience and creativity. She used to go out dancing with her male partner, and I remember how her closet was lined with dresses, the matching clutches lined on a shelf above, and adorable matching high-heeled shoes below that. So dainty, ladylike, and cute, you’d never guess they were secondhand. She always found the most adorable little decorations and vanity items that never seemed too knick-knacky. I like to share the one-of-kind items that I find while I’m out thrift shopping, especially fitness-related items, and tips and tools of the trade.

I have a special affinity for crisp office supplies, fresh pineapple, cake/cupcakes, objects made from cut glass, vintage dresses, pretty sidewalk-crack flowers, awkward people, humble people, people who welcome strangers into their homes, the Classic Literature section at the bookstore, and pit bulls.

Welcome. Please, won't you stay awhile and chat? My heart will always be planted in places where connections can be made.

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***Disclaimer: I do receive some compensation for ads placed on this blog.

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