My Healthy Plate Lately

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Here's a look at a few healthy dinners I had this week, courtesy of Hubster. He made this wonderful, easy crockpot pork roast (seriously, just a pork roast and reduced fat cream of mushroom soup) that just fell apart at the touch of a fork. I roasted up some Brussels sprouts in olive oil and soy sauce, because I've had a huuuuge craving for them lately. Sprinkle a light dusting of Parmesan and sea salt over the top--Hea-ven! And fresh plain radishes, because I just like them.

Dinner this week, Dinner of champions

Try not to worry too much about my whole grain intake (because I know you are...ha!) because I had plennn-ty much for breakfast and lunch.

The next night, Hubster made pancakes, from scratch, and blueberry syrup, from scratch. From scratch! He tried, he really did, to make the healthiest syrup he could find. He did some Internet scouring to try and find something especially diet-friendly for me. He ended up using real sugar instead of Splenda, because I refused the $8 price tag. But still, the recipe is pretty dang healthy anyhow. Look at all those antioxidants dripping over those perfectly-round, fluffy pancakes. He's really the king of pancakes, didn't you know?

Dinner this week2, Breakfast for dinner

Now, how come no one told me about the healthy-ness of sweet potato fries? Oh wait... I think someone probably did. But the fact that Hubster does the grocery shopping means that I don't remember to remember them. We're definitely skipping the crap-in-a-bag regular fries for these orange beauties. They were a nice accompaniment to our roast beef, Swiss, and piled-high spinach sandwiches, that's for sure.


Just check out the stats on these puppies:


Funny story, I got up to photograph this last handful of crisp orange fries and Hubster actually tried to race me into the kitchen for them. Like I was threatening his food supply or something. Haha! I didn't want any more, I just wanted to blog about them. Woah, my bad! But you realize what this means, don't you? Hubster really really liked them! And what he really really likes, he will buy again. Victory!!!

He's a keeper, isn't he?

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