Weekly Workout Rundown

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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  • 35 min AM run, 2 miles
  • 30 min brisk walk at lunch

  • 40 min AM run, 3.2 miles
  • 20 min Maybe Mudder

  • 30 min brisk walk at lunch

  • 20 min Maybe Mudder

  • 60 min TurboFire

  • Rest

You'll noticed I added something a little new to my routine this past week. My lunch workout buddy is training for a Tough Mudder this coming September, so we've been incorporating the boot camp training plans into our routine. I don't mind. They're actually pretty tough. You start out as a Mudderling, grow into a Maybe Mudder and emerge as a full-grown Tough Mudder.

Since the Tone it up Bikini Series is over, I've been toying around with what I want to do next. Until I decide, I've been blending different programs like TurboFire, Barre and Insanity into my daily routines. I like to think that this plan provides really good cross training for my body.

I recently purchased Tracey Mallett's FIT program after reading this great review. I really like it. And it does get your heart working. I've loved Tracey Mallett ever since I picked up a VHS tape of her boot camp at a rummage sale several years ago. It was the only video I could justify substituting for running because of its intensity.

Other than that, I've been trying to spend my days being more present, really focusing on summer traditions and giving my son some full-on attention. While I was busy studying for my NASM test, I was still doing things with him, but not giving him my undivided attention. He played outside while I studied in a lawn chair. So, it's time to actually throw a few pitches and hit a few baseballs instead of just handing him the T-ball stand.

I was going to do a separate weekly food prep post, but really the menu this week was quite easy and can be explained quite simply. I felt that I needed to go light this week, and this menu definitely delivers. It's piled with colorful fruits and vegetables and aside from the syrup, contains absolutely no processed foods.

  • Breakfast: Whole wheat pancakes Hubster made from scratch + a small handful of blueberries + sugar-free syrup.
  • Snack 1: Vanilla Greek yogurt + a small sprinkling of sliced almonds
  • Lunch: Giant helping of Power Greens + a few dried cranberries + a few walnut pieces + 1/4 sliced avocado + this fabulously easy and tasty strawberry vinaigrette.
  • Snack 2: A pile of veggies (broccoli and beans from the garden!) + artichoke hummus

I just read that probiotics might have a positive effect on anxiety and depression. Isn't that fascinating?! I'm sure there needs to be more studying done to confirm that, but in the meantime, it can't hurt to add Greek yogurt into my repertoire more often.

Any good workout program suggestions for me?

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