Summer So Far

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Here in Wisconsin, it didn't warm up for summer until about four weeks ago. Although we live in the "Frozen Tundra," this is pretty unusual even for us. Add to that the fact that at the office where I work, they keep the thermostat set at "purple lips." So, it just hasn't quite set in yet that it's summer. That doesn't stop Peanut and me from having fun though.

We've been busy.

Our town holds a yearly festival called Sawdust Days which is really something to see. It's not just a small little festival, it's quite spread out and full of things to do. It always coincides with the Fourth of July too, so fireworks are held there every year. I myself make a beeline for the roasted corn. There are amusement park rides, games, food of all kinds and ethnicities, bands, a flea market, and an old world style camp/market area. I once needed a leather hide for a drum project and I actually found one there! Peanut even snagged a cute little crossbow with rubber arrows for his birthday so he can be Daniel Boone.

You can buy arrowheads, dragon feet (crocodile feet), leather items, animal furs, fresh-brewed root beer, and all sorts of old world items in this little campout trading post. The vendors usually come in full costume and actually sleep in their tents and tee-pees.

You can even hold teeny little monkeys at Sawdust Days:

And feed and ride huge camels:

Aside from that one week of festival goodness, we also like to find things to do around our house and town that don't cost much, if anything.

Storage tubs make great "hot tubs" in the summer. We make our own fun!

We do a lot of Lego-playing outside with the big blocks:

Climbing on old army trucks was Peanut's reward for doing so well at the dentist's office right down the street. He actually used the words "I love going to the dentist!" I couldn't be any more pleased.

Playing at our town's splash pad with some friends:

And hitting up the rides at the city park:

I'm really loving that my almost-5-year-old is so active. Anything to keep him away from the TV or computer lifestyle is what we strive for. I mentioned before that I'd like to do a summertime version of the Advent calendar and I might just do that. I've got some other simple ideas up my sleeve that will keep Peanut and I productive and happy and also hopefully give my Peanut more pleasant memories from his childhood. I just think I need a more structured plan to actually carry it all out, and a calendar would be just the thing. Do I smell another DIY brewing? Maybe, just maybe...

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