Weekly Workout Rundown

Monday, November 18, 2013

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  • 50 min 12WBT run in the AM with 10 min hard intervals

  • Tuesday:

  • 50 min 12WBT total body tone in the AM

  • 30 min casual walk with mom at lunch

  • Wednesday:

  • 50 min treadmill interval run in the PM, 3.43 miles

  • Thursday:

  • 50 min 12WBT run in the AM with 10 min of hard intervals

  • 30 min moderate walk at lunch

  • Friday:

  • 25 min brisk walk with 5-10% incline at lunch

  • 50 min 12WBT yoga stretch in the PM

  • Saturday:

  • 55 min 12WBT run with 10 min hard intervals

  • Sunday:

  • Rest

  • Friday's lunch workout is what happens when a girl forgets her workout bra. #FitnessGirlProblems. If I couldn't run, I could certainly walk on enough of an incline to get my heart rate just as high. It worked! I swear, I need a checklist or something for those lunchtime workouts. I'm always forgetting my towel or gym shoes or something. Ha!

    This week, I'm entering the 4th and final week of my 12WBT preview. I'm going to be sorry to see this program go, but I might just sign up for it when it goes live in the US. I'd totally pay for it! You must check into it if you're looking for a fitness plan that not only helps you with food and fitness, but also motivation and underlying issues that might be preventing you from losing weight. The food alone is worth so much in my book--it takes sooo much guesswork out of food prep and most of the recipes are super easy and practical. And you'll find your favorite things in there, like nachos! I printed the recipes and had them bound in a notebook so I will always have them as a reference.

    I'm going to start creating my own workout schedule this week, so I'm prepared to challenge myself once the program is over. I'm definitely going to set it up like this plan though. Three days of cardio and abs, two days of strength training, one day of yoga stretch, and at least one day of complete rest. I've neglected yoga for awhile now and could really use the release, flexibility and calm in my life. I always love it when I do it, I just don't always actually do it. I also think core work is absolutely essential and highly neglected. In my NASM training, core work is prescribed for every workout, so this plan is even in line with my studies. I can't wait!

    Side note: I've decided that these weekly workout posts definitely need more pictures, so I'm going to make an effort to include some "setting" pictures for you, to make it more interesting and motivating. Perhaps inspirational images, pretty views from my lunch walks, or sneak peeks into my very own workouts. What do you think?

    How do you plan your week in workouts? Do you follow a prescribed plan or make up your own?

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