Fall Family Traditions

Thursday, November 7, 2013

It's important to me that our little family establishes memorable traditions that extend our love for one another and our desire to make meaningful connections throughout our sometimes harried days. I like to pull out small little things that we can together enjoy either once a year, once in awhile or once per season. One day, I hope my son will remember some of these with fondness when he's all big and grown and perhaps even carry some of them on.

Whenever someone completes an accomplishment in our house, we make it a point to celebrate that person. It's not enough to just "high five" and "atta boy" each other. This past week, by some foreign-to-us luck, Hubster landed the position at work that he's been hoping for for over a year and a half. It was quite by miracle that he got it, but I can just see on his face how happy it makes him. So, we had a lunch date at one of his favorite Chinese restaurants. I think he liked it:)

Aside from that lunch, Hubster and I have made a concerted effort lately to have more date nights. We've had a few celebratory gift cards come our way that make it possible without the guilt. It's imperative to keep connecting on just a you/him level because it's way too easy to become two separate people with two separate lives. We want a partnership, so we choose actions that hold us true to that partnership.

Halloween harbors some other fun traditions for our family. On this holiday, I always bust out an Edgar Allan Poe tale or poem. Sure, the stories may be a little sinister at times, but I think it's a fun, intelligent way to end the night. Plus, I was an English major, so I thinks it's neat that we can slip some classic literature into our family traditions.

Aside from that, we also do the whole trick-or-treating thang too. Even in the rain, as we did this year. We grabbed a giant umbrella and hit the streets shortly after sundown. My feet were utterly soaked by the time we made it home, but you absolutely can't steal this tradition from a kid. Even one who's scared of trick or treating;)

Costume #1: pirate for Boo Fest

Costume #2: Batman for school

What are your favorite family fall traditions? 

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