My Second Ever Quilt

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I never thought I wanted to tackle a quilt. However, after my first experience, I started gathering supplies for two more quilts before I was even finished binding up the first one.

This second ever quilt of mine is made with a vintage flower theme, mostly pinks and greens. I chose a fleece blanket for the lining instead of batting due to cost. I actually paid less for an actual fleece blanket than for as much batting as I would've needed, and I figured it would be really warm. See, Hubster doesn't mind the pinks as long as the blanket is warm. Win-win, people!

The backside is a queen-sized bed sheet I found at the thrift store.

The quilted side is made with squares of fabric mostly from the clearance section at JoAnn's and Walmart, cuz that's how I roll.

Quilt top/fleece blanket/bed sheet

My grandma, the very person who taught me to sew, was very tickled when she saw my project one night when she came over for dinner. I just told her to not look so closely at the seams. I'm a total mess when it comes to sewing perfectly straight and all professional-like.

Peanut's quilt is up next. His will be much more masculine, with fabric from several men's 3XL flannel shirts and remnants I found at the thrift store. The back will be a cuddly soft deer-themed fleece blanket that he just fell in love with. It's maybe a little too country for my taste, but it's not my tastes that matter when it comes to him.

While I was all motivated and stuff to sew, I also whipped up some other projects that I've been thinking about for awhile. You see, Peanut has two Build A Bear animals that needed some more wardrobe items to choose from, particularly pajamas. So, I found a few tutorials online and took Peanut to the fabric store to pick out his own fabric. He liked the sailor anchor theme for the pajamas and the checkered racing fleece for the sleeping bags.

Tiger and Mr. Fluffy

There's even a cutout for the tails! Be careful with the
tutorial though. The way you'll be sewing the shorts isn't 
quite what one might expect.

Roll-up sleeping bags, aren't these the cutest?

Sometimes I just really get on a roll with my sewing. I mentioned before that my Environment, particularly my home, is one of my biggest priorities in life (after God, family, that sort of thing). Home is the most important place on earth. I strive to do things that improve upon the comfort, serenity and security we feel at home. I tell ya, that quilt of mine is sure doing a number on my love for our bedroom. I just smile every day when I see it. Next up, I've been working on framing some pictures for behind our bed and DIY-ing a new jewelry shelf. You'll see...

What projects have you been working lately?

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