Show and Tell

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

C'mon, we can still have show and tell as adults in a virtual world, right? I think so.

Well, the story is that I was completely inspired by this post from Rachel Denbow over at Smile and Wave to make a quilt. I have never felt anything close to desire to sew a quilt before. I thought they were too fussy, too old-lady, too time-consuming, and all those other really bad stereotypes. Boy, was I proven wrong! Rachel actually made it seem doable to me--and stylish! I actually wanted to make one. If you know, me, that doesn't seem possible. But, on a quilting adventure we will go.

 photo P1201020_zps8c8ad9b2.jpg

The lucky recipient of my very first quilt is my little nephew who turns ONE this Sunday. I chose colors that were youthful, but that would still grow with him, the theme being yellows, greens and browns. Some of the pieces are leftover from a Christmas stocking that I made him, so it will have a special link. I used a 40" x 60" fleece blanket as the backing, so the size of the blanket also leaves room for him to grow. I chose a pre-made fleece blanket for my backing, because it's cheaper to buy a fleece blanket at the store than to buy fleece fabric by the yard. Go figure!

 photo P1201021_zps722251d4.jpg

 photo P1201023_zpsa38638aa.jpg

I made my own binding using the "cheater method" that Rachel recommends. I am all about "cheats" and "shortcuts" when it comes to sewing, as long as it doesn't affect the integrity of the finished piece. And actually, making binding from the leftover quilt fabric is so much more amazing than just buying premade binding. It matches and it's so pretty.

Here is the final product, all bundled and ready to be presented to one handsome little guy. I hope he snuggles his face into it as he likes to do with other soft things. That would truly warm his auntie's heart.

 photo P1201027_zpsc0244e0c.jpg

See that stack down there? That is the beginning of the next quilt I plan to tackle. I want to make a quilt large enough to fit our bed and warm enough for my husband's liking. He didn't even mind that there were a lot of pink vintage florals, as long as the quilt is warm. It will be three layers "deep," with the quilted cotton top, cotton sheet backing (rescued from the thrift store) and a plush fleece blanket for the lining. That oughta do it, right? Then, my Peanut has me on commission to make him a quilt too, even though his great-grandma already sewed him a beautiful one. Who am I to resist his request though? Warms a momma's heart.

 photo P1201024_zpsf601181d.jpg

Can't wait for the next round of show and tell. It will mean that I have finished quilt #2. I mean, wow! I never thought in a million years I would be showing you a quilt I sewed. Anything is possible with the right motivation. Thanks Rachel!

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RachelDenbow said...

EEEK! Well done and it makes me so happy to see someone feel brave enough to make something after seeing it broken down and given a little confidence that it's doable! I'm so glad you shared this with me!

The House of The Baskervilles said...

Ladies this is so inspiring! I may give it a try myself - though my sewing skills are non existent lol. Thank you for sharing!

Jessica Collins said...

Aww. Thanks for stopping by Rachel. Your post definitely did it for me!

Ms. Baskervilees, do give it a try! The bigger you make the squares, the easier it gets. Once you've threaded your machine, it's all downhill from there. Check out youtube for some easy sewing intros.