Boun-see on For the The Love of Kale

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hey there friends. I took a few days off to hang with my son on his Easter vacation. Unfortunately, I've spent more time sick and recovering in bed than being productive with my personal to-do list. I'll be up-and-at-em soon, but I just wanted to share something that made me so happy...

Check it out! My interview with Bree Bond was featured over on the popular For the Love of Kale. I couldn't be more proud!

Thanks for the shout out, Heather. I think the j'adore la vie idea rocks!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Before I got sick, I enjoyed all the food and family visits (without any weight gain. Woot!). I was a little productive in designing a new planner for myself. Hopefully it all works out correctly and I can share it on here. I wanted a planner for recording workouts, blog posts, goals and family events. Oh, and I'm almost through reading the NASM textbook, so there's that.

That's all for now. Take care!

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