What to Pack in Your Gym Bag

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Whether it's your first time at the gym or you're just curious what other gymgoers are carrying around in their bags, I present to you the contents of my gym bag. Each item is pertinent to my workout habit. For practical reasons, I do not keep anything in my bag that I don't use regularly.

Like my cute Oakley bag? Me too! The mesh on the side pockets airs out my towel and shoes and the front pocket stores my workout logs. I sound like I'm advertising the thing, don't I? Turns out, describing products like this is my job.

Oakley Duffel photo P2231302_zps3f8b8190.jpg

I bought a cheap-o towel at the store because I didn't want to haul around one of my plush ones from home. It's much more portable and I don't have to worry about how I treat it or anything.

gym bag contents photo P2231300_zpsd03dd47d.jpg

Also, I carry Avon body wash in case the gym soap dispenser is out, Jergen's lotion to soothe stripped skin (two showers a day will do that to you), Garnier hairspray and face towelettes, and travel-sized Dove deodorant. A friend and I have been hitting up the gym on our lunch breaks, so we don't have time for or really need full-body showers, just "rinses" as we like to call them and a change of socks and underthings. I sometimes carry Suave dry shampoo too, but rarely end up needing it.

Mini Clipboard photo P2231303_zps6aba8796.jpg

Isn't this mini clipboard just the cutest? I think I got it in the dollar section at Target. I like to keep my workout index cards on it. I wrote out many of the workouts from Supreme 90 Day so I can do them at the gym instead of being confined to only the TV.

 photo P2231304_zps33a5f705.jpg

I got this cutie purple water bottle from work. It has a buckled lid to keep me from splashing myself and little notches on it to track water intake. If I take ANYthing to the gym, it is this precious reservoir.

If you're wondering what to pack for your first foray into the gym world, I would recommend most of the items above, depending on whether or not you'll be "rinsing" at the gym. Other than what's pictured, and your workout clothes (of course!), I would also recommend a good lock for the locker room, a magazine for the treadmill (if you can read and run), and a good playlist and headphones. A hand towel for dripping sweat is also pretty handy. I like to bring these pretty mantra towels when I remember them.

What are your main gym essentials? Any other gym packing tips?

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