Birthday Banner DIY: Tassels

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I love a good tassel. I'm not a fan of tasseled shoes or curtains, but give me some pretty yarn tassels in a bunting banner, and I just might swoon. I've seen some tassel DIY's out on the interwebs, but I just wanted something really really simple. So, I decided to create my own DIY.

 photo P5120643.jpg

First, cut and gather a handful of 12" strips of yarn. Let's say, about 10 strips total for a thinner tassel. Add as many more strips as you'd like to beef up the effect.

 photo P5120644.jpg

Fold the strips over the top of what will be your hanging string.

 photo P5120645.jpg

Then, take one side of the tassel, wind it around the other tail,
and form a knot around the banner string.

 photo P5120646.jpg

By wrapping one tail around the other, versus just tying a knot at the bottom, 
you create the tassel-like effect seen here:

 photo P5120647.jpg

Continue making and attaching tassels until you get the desired effect.

Yarn Tassel Banner photo P5120641.jpg

I then made a "happy birthday" banner overlay using alpha stencils and matching scrapbook paper.

*Brushes hands together* That's it, my friends! Another birthday celebrated in handmade style.

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