What's Going on Here?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Things have been pretty peachy around here. A lot of fun, everyday things, caught on my camera phone, have been turning into remarkable memories. You know, things along of the line of your job getting an upgrade to manager and spending your evenings skiing instead of loitering in the living room.

Best things about this past week:

1. Got promoted to manager at my job. My title is now Web Copy Manager, and I am in charge of two highly talented interns. Thus, Hubster and I had reason to get dressed up and celebrate. Sangrias are one of my favorite ways to imbibe, on those rare occasions that I actually do.

2. Some days, you just feel like finding a hole-in-the-wall diner and eating there. There's something so luring about outings with no expectations of you or your destination. You get that down-home feel and backwoods prices. And it's been at least a decade since I've seen one of these rad dinosaur crayon holders:

And diners are the only place where it's acceptable for your kids to stack all the jelly packets, right? Oh, is that just us?

3. This idea fascinates me. The library in a nearby city creates these little reading spots where you can grab a free book. Isn't this the most charming little nook ever? Totally made my day.

4. My brother-in-law and nephew created this awesome snow fort at my mom's house last time we got dumped on. It has three entryways/exits. This brings back so many memories from childhood. Most of us up here in Wisconsin dread the snow. But you have a choice: move away, dread it, or embrace it. This is a perfect example of working with what you've been given.

5. Another way to avoid the TV trap: go to Kwik Trip, buy two loaves of 50 cent bread, head to the park, and feed the non-migrating ducks. Oh, and you know, check out the beautiful sunset while you're there.

6. Either we can complain about getting dumped on with loads and loads of snow, or we can go out and play in it. Plus, after awhile, you start to feel warm and don't get all bummed by that I-can't-stand-this-cold attitude. It's also a great way for the whole family to embrace fitness in a non-fitness-y way. The best part? Finding the most adorable little set of skis and poles for a four-year-old. I can hardly stand it!

7. I've been on a mission for months now to keep on trying new foods, and after a funny comment made by a friend about how I eat all these weird "tofu" things, I thought, what the heck? It was only $2 at the grocery store. It wasn't quite as gross as others had led me to believe. It had an egg white-like texture and egg whites are a staple for me. I tried the tofu in a teriyaki stir fry and it was just fine. Such a great alternative source of protein!

So, what have you been up to lately? Any particularly troublesome areas in your life that you've learned to embrace or have turned into something you love? Or any ways in which the ordinary has turned into something much better?

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