Packing More Life Into My Days

Monday, January 30, 2012

I have to say, I'm just loving these "10 minute increments" that I'm building into my day. I do sometimes truly feel like I'm packing extra life into my days. These are a few of the things that are keeping me busy:

1. how come no one ever told me about this site before? Ha! You can literally take classes for free. I'm currently listening to a podcast course on entrepreneurism. I can sneak in clips here and get a Carnegie Mellon University-worthy education for myself along the way. What a concept!

2. TedTalks: These are just mesmerizing, if you didn't already know. These come in 20-minute increments, but I often just have them playing in the background. Some are motivating, some are educational, and some are downright awe-inspiring.

3. I just picked up these two books from the library as a complement to the journaling course I'm taking. I'm just trying to soak in all the different journaling techniques to use and coming up with of some of my own.

Journal Junkies Workshop

Visual Chronicles

4. Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall: I keep trying to squirrel away time to read this book, because I'm completely mesmerized. I'm a runner, so I find myself just wanting to steep myself in this culture of mega-distance runners and learn all their little secrets. My aunt was visiting last week and she was the one that turned me on to the book. Thanks Aunt Mary! And thank goodness for the public library.

5. I messed around on this site this past week. Wow! Right now Picnik is offering all their premium stuff for FREE!!! Until April, when they merge with Google, the site is just open to the public. Oh, what fun it is to ride in a Picnik open slate, hey! I am trying to learn new ways to make my blog cuter without Photoshop. So, slowly but surely I'm teaching myself little techniques in those spare moments. I just played around with the above banner, designed an Etsy banner and made a really cool picture invitation. That's right friends, I'm actually taking steps to open an Etsy shop. S'about time!

Any other ideas of great things to sneak in during the day? What do you accomplish on your lunch break?

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