How to Spend my Christmas Money

Monday, January 16, 2012

So, I am notorious for holding onto chunks of change until I find something I absolutely adore. There are no holes burning in my pockets like there was in my husband's. His Christmas money is long gone, spent mostly on the magnetic force that is his appetite. I joked that he'd have his money gone by Tuesday, following Christmas, and mine would be gone by June. Anyhow, here are a few things that are stealing my thoughts lately and will perhaps be the means to the end of my small Christmas stash (because I guess you're never too old to get Christmas checks):

1. The Crosley Lancaster: I haven't owned a record player since college when one of my friends decided to borrow my thrifted find and returned it in "not working" condition. But instead of updating my vinyl collection, I decided I just couldn't part with them and must.find.record.player. This particular record player has a CD player and radio built in. Best of the old and the new. I have a feeling that when I pull off the bubble wrap and test out the fresh needle, my level of inspiration will skyrocket. This is an investment in my productivity people!

2. Washi tape: I am an improviser the the nth degree, but you can't really improvise on pretty tape, right? This will get used for all sorts of projects from art journaling to banner-making and other pretties.

3. Speaking of art journaling, my first $30 was spent without blinking an eye on Elsie Larson and Rachel Denbow's Art Journal All Year e-course. That was literally a no-brainer. No thought whatsoever. My fingers did the walking before my brain even had time to process it. I never make impulse buys, so that must tell you something... I might consider buying another e-course from Red Velvet as well.

4. Feist CD: Every Pandora station I tune into comes around to her in one way or another. What can I say? Love it!

I have already spent a few bucks here and there one treats for my husband, a trip to the thrift store and a trip to Office Max to get a fresh new sketchbook for the art journaling challenge (which I will offer a sneak peek in a future post:) Oh, and I bought my boy some requested fine-point pens for his second semester of college. I am so proud, I don't even know how to fully express it!!!

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NESHA said...

I have a thing for pretty tape too! In fact, I think I love any pretty stationary!! I need to stop buying so much of it though because I end up with lots of tape and paper at the bottom of my drawers :(