My New American Dream

Friday, August 19, 2011

I entered an essay-writing contest put on by recently called the New American Dream Contest. It was a 250-word-or-less contest describing what the new American dream is, which is far-removed from the Gatsby-esque picket fences and 2-1/2 kids of yore. The first bout of judging was a "popularity contest" type of judging where you have to send all your friends and family to the site to vote for you (blech!). The second round was judged by a panel of third-party professionals. I was notified that I made it to the top 25 and then heard nothing more.

This might sound crazy, but I was already dreaming of the winning vacation and researching the motel. However, I think my entry got lost. Long story short, my essay does NOT show up in the top 25 (which I'm totally miffed about) and I've been trying to contact both and their third-party consultants to figure out what went awry. I'm a bit disheartened, but I'll live:) *wink*

Anyhow, I just thought I would share my entry:

My American Dream is to be able to go to bed at night without worrying about foundations failing in rainy weather or roofs leaking into moldy messes. To be surrounded by the people and things that make my heart sing. To have the resources to be able to do something that profoundly improves the life of someone else. To be able to give of my time, heart, and wealth generously. To feel relatively safe from intrusion while I'm sleeping at night. To be able to occasionally gather with a kindhearted group of friends and warm their bellies. To have a second child without fears of bankruptcy or crippling lifelong debt. To have a happy family without sacrificing time on multiple side jobs or donating body parts to survive. To enjoy cleanliness and safety throughout our home. To enjoy a cup of tea without worrying about the effects of the cost per tea bag on my family's overall well being. To constantly be intellectually stimulated through travel and educational opportunities. To have a small stash of cash in the bank for that feeling of security. To be able to hear the words "middle class" and not hear the derogatory underlying suggestions of struggle and lack. And most of all, to one day stand in front of my family, the group of people that I had a hand in creating, and be able to relish in all their accomplishments and valuable contributions to the world.

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