Sugar Sugar Everywhere

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I'm so excited for Christmas. My home has been decked out for weeks, the sugar cookies have come and gone, about half of the gifts have been wrapped and placed under the tree. Every evening I come home and turn on a Christmas CD while I try to figure out what's for dinner. I love showing people how much thought I've put into celebrating them as a person by choosing gifts with meaning. I've taken my son to see many-a-Santa (but he's two, so he hasn't quite caught on that he looks different each time). The snow is falling in pure white blankets. The goodwill is so thick in the air you can almost taste it. But instead of taste it, you stop to check the calories...

I'm here to petition that we do not take the cheer out of the holiday treats. Everywhere around me, I keep hearing people grumbling and then taking fistfuls of treats almost reluctantly. At my lunch break exercise class, there was moaning during the walking lunges about how we'd better treat ourselves to extra pecan pie for this. There's something just so wrong with this picture. We shouldn't be lamenting these bountiful gifts from friends, family, business vendors, etc.

Please, by all means, have fun with the outpouring of Christmas suga'. Grab a few chocolate-covered pretzels and really enjoy each roll across the tongue. This is a rare once-a-year treat. Take an extra lap around the building before grabbing a cookie if you must, but please grab a cookie! Maybe not ten, but at least one or two. The more you fight it, the worse off you're going to be anyway. This is a time to celebrate, to enjoy, to indulge. What's to celebrate if you're too busy worrying about that monster chocolate cake you just bit into?

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