Diets Diets Everywhere

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's kind of funny. Since I've climbed up the health hill, I'm much more apt to become annoyed when I hear people talk about diets. It seems almost silly, and I can tell when, like clockwork, they'll totally ditch the plan in favor of all their previous indulgences. It's really a tiresome process for everyone involved I think. I will be the first to applaud anyone's weight loss and health goals, but it frustrates me when the "diet" (fad) followed isn't sustainable, healthy, or taken very seriously.

Whenever a celeb or person we know loses weight, we all want to know what plan they followed. Then, we jump on the bandwagon only to fall off two weeks down the road. I think it helps to look at the big picture. Every infallible diet plan is based on some of the same basic diet principles. There's no wand-waving, no juice or pill that will make everything better. And what does make everything better takes a whole lot of work. And it must be practiced for an entire lifetime.

Perhaps that's what frustrates me most, when people think that they shouldn't have to do much to watch the weight fall off. Or when they use every excuse ever devised. Anyone who has lost a significant amount of weight the natural way and kept it off knows that it takes a damn lot of work! And when someone thinks it's supposed to be easy, it's rather insulting to the hours of planning and sweat we have worked through over the years. Us losers take pride in the accomplishments we have achieved and the raw effort it took to get here. And yes, some of us have kids, full-time jobs, hobbies, homes in need of attention, and so much more that we have to work against every day in order to be healthy.

Anyhow, enough ranting. I truly do wish everyone the best in their healthful endeavors. I just wish that we weren't so hardwired to get caught in all of the hype. I even fall victim to that every once in awhile.

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