This Will Make You Uncomfortable

Monday, February 8, 2010

Don't worry, I'm not going to divulge some gory details about myself or anything. I'm just going to tout the benefits of breaking out of your comfort zone.

It's easy to go home, cuddle under a blanket and watch television for the evening, perhaps even in a different room than your significant other because you have significantly different tastes in entertainment. If you're only aspiring to get nowhere, this plan is fine. But if you're sitting there looking at the TV thinking you could make up the next invention for the Shark Tank or sweat as much as the next contestant on Biggest Loser, you're cheating yourself by falling into these comfortable patterns.

Losing weight and making a healthy lifestyle change are going to be uncomfortable for a time. I'm sorry to break it to you, but there's no magic involved. No fairy dust you can buy on an infomercial. If you plan for a little blood, sweat and tears, you'll be much more prepared to plunge through it. You'll begin to create your own little first aid kit to clean up the damage. But don't worry, it's not that scary either, especially when you make small changes one at a time.

You'll feel a little out of breath doing cardio, you'll feel that "good burn" the day (or two) following strength routines, you'll try fitness classes that make you move in ways you never have before, you'll feel out of place in the gym, you'll want to stop halfway through some days, you'll indulge in guilty treats once in awhile. But I promise you, if you're a little bit uncomfortable, you'll turn your nondescript life or body into something extraordinary.

By the time you've established a healthy lifestyle, you'll notice a big change. Now you'll be uncomfortable when you see a stack of deep-fried onion rings being served to the table next to you at the restaurant, because you sure as heck didn't order heart damage. You'll be the one that's uncomfortable watching the overweight woman holding her thighs trying to make it up the stairwell, because you'll know all too well the deep dissatisfaction this feeling caused you in the past. Most importantly, you'll be uncomfortable just sitting still.

This really applies to many things in life, including your relationships, work life, hobby pursuits or anything you can think of. Showing up in a room where you don't know anyone, approaching your partner with a subject you've never broached before, or taking on a work project you feel unqualified to do will leave you a little on edge. But the rewards you will reap for your uncomfortable-ness will be beyond compare. You'll be glad you stepped out of your bubble. You'll rejoice when you cross those finish lines you never imagined you'd be crossing.

After all, would you rather be a little uncomfortable and working towards achievement, or comfortable and stagnant, receiving nothing in return for nothing? Prepare to be uncomfortable!

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