Monday, July 18, 2016

Hey there friends!

I have been so delighted  to be blogging here for the past 6 years, but I've moved my blog over to:

Come on over!

If you wouldn't mind, pop over there and have a look around and be sure to subscribe. I'll even send you a free printable: 14 Fat-Scorching Treadmill Workouts to Mix Up Your Gym Routine!

Nothing has changed. I was able to move this entire blog over there, so all the posts from this blog have been transferred.

Why the move?

Because I'm going pro, yo. Haha!

Well, for real though, having a Wordpress website is much more professional as I am building my professional presence. It's my own owned piece of the internet, whereas this is rented space. I bought my own hosting and domain and everything! I'm getting serious...

I also feel like I kind of needed a more appropriate re-name. FlashFit is so much easier to remember and spell, and it makes the most sense for me and my business.

Having my own website, as opposed to just a blog, gives me much more freedom over my online presence. Plus, Wordpress rocks! I never knew you could do so many fun things over there! Plugins are so much fun to play with and the site has been so much fun to design. Who knew?

Anywho, everything's the same, I've just up-leveled a bit and made things better.

I'll see you over there!

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Christine said...

Have a great week and new website. thanks again for hosting this .

Maria said...

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