Blessing Our Family's New Home

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Guess what??? We moved!!! Well, if you couldn't guess that from the title of this post...

We found a country home where I know we'll be closer to where we really were meant to be. Hubster and I definitely do not feel the calling of the city in our bones, we feel the openness and organic nature of the country. We feel like we will be in a much safer, calmer place. We will be in a much more closely connected place.

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I will save the details of the home for another post, but I'll just tell you we are very blessed and it was definitely meant to be. When we were putting our offer in, I prayed that if it was meant to happen, it would happen. And it happened, so I am at peace with it.

I felt a strong stirring to pray a blessing over our new home before moving in. I just think that God needs to be the first person to occupy it, to set the standard for our new place. We are just stewards of this home that is really God's. When we got the keys, we took a truck- and camper-load to the house and I planned to take some quiet time to pray over our new space.

In order to give my prayers a sense of permanence, a way to reuse them, and a way to reference them later, I wanted to put them in writing. So, I gathered a group of Bible verses that spoke to me about our new home the most. I printed them up in a document, cut them out, pasted them to some scrapbook paper that I had on hand, and tied them together with a piece of yarn. On the back of the scrapbook paper, I wrote a note or two about what the verses meant to me.

For example, "peace be to this house," not only means having our home protected by the Spirit, but it means a peaceful environment, one filled with warmth. I am hoping candles, blankets, artwork, and elements of nature will make our house feel like a haven. I want my home to be peaceful for my family in as many ways as possible.

If you would like to use my printable for your own home blessing, feel free to print it HERE. The very last page is where I hand wrote what I wanted to pray about.

This was the starting point of my prayers:

Lord, please
Bless our new home.
Bless the walls that hold our children and keep us safe.
Bless the memories that we will make here.
Bless our neighbors and our relationships with them.
May this be a place where people feel welcome.
Let every person that walks through the door know you are in our midst.
Lord, be where we are. Your presence is welcome and desired at all times.
Help us to honor you in this home as we start fresh in a new place.
Help our children grow in their knowledge of you here.
Help us raise them under your care and guidance.
There are reminders of your presence all around us here, inside and out.
Help us to really "see" them.
Help us to see you when we see your treasures in our backyard and inside our walls.


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