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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hey guys, you might notice that I'm finally back here on the blog. Yay!!! I feel like a small explanation for my absence is in order, but I'm not ready to disclose the full details yet, so be patient with me:) I recently had a huge setback in my personal life, namely a whole bunch of circumstances surrounding some postpartum OCD/depression issues that I've been having. Without going into too much detail, I'll just say that I could only take life one hour at a time and could muster motivation for nothing beyond the basic necessities. I needed this break.

Thankfully, I have a great team of doctors who all know what's going on now and have me on the right track. As much as I didn't want to be on medication while breastfeeding, it is not an option for me. The medication is probably saving my life right now. I realize there is a whole messy mire of stigma attached to mental health issues and I'm ready to help destroy that. It's real people. It's as real as diabetes and should be treated as such.

Anyhow, soapbox moment aside, I am well on my way into recovery. Things are much more manageable and much less anxiety-ridden now and I've noticed a lot of myself coming back, my passions, my list-making frenzies, my type A "get it done" attitude. And along with that is a renewed thirst for writing and sharing in this space. I already have several posts lined up for the next few days and plenty more in the works or rattling around in my brain. So let's have a toast, shall we? Here's to a regular, healthy blogging schedule and a grounded healthy me. Cheers!

***By the way, I am usually an open book, but this condition has me a bit reserved about sharing here. But, if you want to chat more, feel free to email me privately. Because of my experience, I now have a desire to help and support other people with postpartum issues.

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