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Saturday, June 21, 2014

I am beyond thrilled to announce that my ticker is in fighting shape. Being a devoted runner and soon-to-be second time momma, I am very reassured by this. My echocardiogram came back completely normal. My pulse was a bit high, but that's pretty normal for pregnancy. The Holter monitor caught in the 6,000 range!!!!! of PVC's, or skipped heartbeats, over the 48 hr period I wore it (3,000-something per day). However, no arrhythmia was detected.

My cardiologist said that they have patients with PVC's in the 20-30,000 range, which is when they start having some concern. On a scale of 1 to 10, my benign "problem" ranks around a 1. However, she did offer a small dose of a beta blocker that's safe for pregnancy. With her guidance though, I am not going to take them, at least not yet. I have them on standby in case the PVC's really do become bothersome. Since the meds are not really medically necessary, they're really only for my comfort, I'd rather wait this thing out and just tolerate it than medicate it.

My blood pressure this time was well back in the normal range--and actually a bit low for a preggo at 110/70. I was starting to worry that pre-eclampsia was sneaking up on me, but I think the higher readings were just because of nerves. Thank goodness. We pregnant ladies sure do worry a lot, don't we?

It's kind of neat to understand how my heart is working. I do get lightheaded once in awhile (though it's a pregnancy-related symptom, not a heart problem-related one). The nurse practitioner explained that my heart is working fast right now, and she used a sponge analogy. If you were to squeeze a sponge long and hard, you'd get more water out of it. If you squeeze it fast and incompletely, not as much water will drain. That's how the heart is working during pregnancy. It's not as efficient at getting all that extra blood where it needs to go. Hence, the lightheadedness at times and the PVC's. Beta blockers help smooth out that heartbeat, so the beats are good and hearty.

Well, I'm just so thankful that that's out of the way and I'm doing fine. It was a few emotional days being hooked up to wires and waiting for those test results. Now that I know nothing is wrong, I'm not as anxious about or attuned to all the PVC's I've been having. It has made a huge difference just knowing that I'm going to be fine.

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