Lately I've Been...

Monday, February 10, 2014

...Around, just not as much in this space as I'd like to be. For that matter, even my home could use quite a bit of TLC right about now.
...Surviving some terrible nausea and attempting to make peace with the fact that the only thing you can do is just wait it out.
...Waiting out the cold here in Wisconsin. A day in the 30s would be bikini weather at this point. Poor kiddos have been so cooped up in school without recess, they're really getting restless.
...Looking forward to our upcoming trip to Florida in March. This will be the first time in my life I get to go to Disney. Can't wait to watch Peanut soak it all in. Hopefully Florida welcomes us with the warm air we so desire.
...Getting very inspired by the Olympics and all the chatter about it. What, me? Into sports?
...Reading Amanda Knox's story, Waiting to be Heard. I mean, wow! She pretty much lived nightmares that I've had before. Like any good mystery, the book has me unable to put it down. It's thick, but I got through most of it in a weekend.
...Looking at houses and dreaming about living in the country. However, the thought of actually listing our first home (and making is show-ready!) and the prospect of moving have me completely paralyzed.
...Staring at my Peanut and all his expressions and movements and just reveling in them. Kids are special, no? He reminds me of everything that matters most.
...Cooking up a special project that I can't quite announce yet, but you'll see...

What have you been up to?

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