Weekly Workout Rundown

Monday, September 9, 2013

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  • 40 min LiveFit legs in the AM
  • 25 min incline interval run in the AM

  • 30 min LiveFit back and biceps in the AM
  • 25 min moderate walk at lunch

  • 35 min LiveFit chest and triceps in the AM
  • 30 min moderate walk at lunch

  • 40 min LiveFit legs in the AM
  • 30 min moderate walk at lunch

  • 30 min LiveFit shoulders and abs in the AM
  • 25 min run at lunch, 2 miles


  • Active rest (jet skiing)

  • Rest

I am now 1/3 of the way through the LiveFit series, entering Phase 2. Even though I threw a few runs in during the past four weeks, I am excited to get back into my full-on running habit in Phase 2. I finally get to run 4 days per week! The younger me never thought the older me would be making such a statement, ha. This morning was the first allowable run and it felt great!

Our jet skiing adventure on Saturday worked out my lung muscles more than anything. Hubster is quite the beast on a toy like that, and I swear, the screaming that I did was completely instinctive and unintentional. When you feel like you're going to flip, you just scream. And I was flipped off three times at lower speeds, so the worry was not unfounded. Oh boys! Peanut was even braver than I was, laughing through the scariest moves. I was just happy to be dropped off at a public sandy beach while the boys went crazy.

Other than that, not much to report this week. I haven't yet seen the results on the LiveFit plan that I'm sure will come, especially with the addition of cardio again. I have lost a few inches, but the scale seems to be creeping up, which can only mean that I am gaining muscle, and I'm happy about that. I'll keep you posted!

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