DIY Workout Stick

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ever since I saw my first broomstick workout in a magazine, I've been smitten. I love how using something as simple as a stick can really change the angles and depth of a workout. It can give you a better stretch, offer you a bit more stability during challenging balance moves, and allow you to move deeper into certain moves.

Today, let's make a simple fun workout stick, shall we? You can use a regular broomstick--or even a straight stick you find outside--to do the workouts. But wouldn't it be much more fun to create an artistic workout stick that you can use whenever the mood strikes? I thought so...

Just a quick announcement: now that I'm qualified to be giving some exercise advice, I have put together three separate workouts that you can do with your new workout stick. I'll be releasing one per week for the next three weeks! So stay tuned for that, and feel free to share on Pinterest!

Workout Broomstick Tutorial


  • 3/4" (or thicker) wooden dowel from the hardware or craft store
  • Washi tape
  • Decorative duct tape
  • Acrylic paints (or other wood paint) and paintbrush
  • Any other decorative items you'd like to deck your stick out in


Washi tape and acrylic paint


  1. If you'd like to change the color of your dowel, use acrylic paint (or any other appropriate paint for wood) and give your dowel a few coats. Let dry. Paint stripes or designs with other paint colors if you'd like and allow to dry completely before moving on.
  2. Now, use your washi or duct tape to create fun patterns and stripes across your stick. I went with a simple light blue and green theme, punctuated by some polka dot decorative tape on the ends.
  3. Feel free to get creative with your stick design. Maybe you'd like to add some rubber elements for a good grip or add tassels to the ends of the stick. Your imagination is the limit!

Voila! Your very own workout stick for any broomstick workouts you might find online or here on my blog. I kept mine pretty simple, but feel free to get creative with your art supplies. It almost feels as though you get to play with a grown-up version of a baton. Check back here next week for my first of three broomstick workouts!

Project Details:

  • Washi tape from here and Target
  • Wooden dowel from Lowe's
  • Acrylic paints from my own stash (maybe originally from Ben Franklin?)

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