Peanut Runs His First Race

Monday, April 22, 2013

Kayne Collins, 4, gets some help putting on his race t-shirt from his mom, Jessica, before the start of the Lionhearted Kids Run at the Leach Amphitheater in Oshkosh on Saturday.

Photo Credit, both pictures: Adam Jungwirth from the Oshkosh Northwestern

Jessica Collins helps her son, Kayne, 4, with is runner's bib before the start of the Lionhearted Kids Run at the Leach Amphitheater in Oshkosh on Saturday.

I couldn't be more proud. My Peanut ran in his first organized race this past Saturday (and made it in the paper). It was 200 feet for the 4-year-olds. I originally asked if he was interested about a month ago and the glow and wide smile that came over him were signs that he certainly was interested. I didn't hesitate signing him up with that enthusiasm. The last thing I want to do is force an active lifestyle upon him lest he resent and act against it later on. We're doing things the natural way. I just try to be a good role model and have fun with exercise. It's a normal part of our everyday routine. And he's really picking up on that. His cousin seems to like running too:

Amadeus at finish line photo P4191436_zps89e96447.jpg
Kayne and Amadeus 5k photo P4191433_zps1f960f14.jpg
I don't see the official race results yet, but that's ok. He finished in about the middle of the pack. A good place to be, I think. A place that's humbling and a source of pride all at the same time. He got a medal at the end that he showed off to everyone after the race, including vendors at our local indoor farmer's market  that we hit up after the race. Haha!

 photo P4191437_zpsbc231fe6.jpg

I am so proud of that boy.

Hubster and I ran the coinciding local 5k on Sunday with our pit bull. I came in at 29:11 (in the middle of the pack too). Hubster and Pupster at 40:05, ranking #5 in their division. Hubster was coercing our pup to sprint to the finish line by telling him to "get the squirrel." Hee! This has become a tradition for our family to run this local race. John and I have been running it together for the past several years, even setting up training running dates in the past. Last year was atrocious because we were suffering the aftereffects of food poisoning. This year, it was pretty darn chilly, but I felt pretty good throughout the race. We're just glad to now include our Peanut in our yearly tradition.

You can see my Pupster and Hubster (white shirt) in the upper right corner of this picture:

Runners and walkers take off on their half or 5K course beginning at North Main Street in the Oshkosh Half Marathon April 21, 2013.

Photo credit: Jeannette Merten for the Oshkosh Northwestern

It's quite an amazing event to take part in. Especially considering the tragedies that happened in Boston this past week. It gave me goosebumps to participate in a run of this magnitude mere days after such a horrific event. But those cowards do not have the power to take away the satisfaction that comes with training hard, finishing races and the genuine camaraderie that the running community share. In fact, I think those monsters have made the running community stronger.

It was a good weekend:)

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