Finding the Beauty

Thursday, April 11, 2013

~Better every day

I strive to follow this mantra each day I am alive. Sometimes I need a gentle reminder though. I like to try to do things better, be better, live better every day. I could always be more patient, more organized or less negative (just ask Hubster). I could always try to run a little faster or eat a little healthier.

Don't get me wrong though. I don't want this to sound like I beat myself up for not being the best at everything. I criticize myself enough already. No. This is about striving to be a better human each day, to make each day a little more special, to revive the mundane with a touch of pretty.

Making each day special takes work, but the type of work that it more than worth it. Deciding to do an art project with your children instead of offering them more screen time takes some preparation, but the memories and outcome far outweigh the effort. When your campfire is extinguished by the rain, take the s'mores inside and laugh as you roast them over the stove.

Certain things like slow drivers, chores, and weather consequences can be a source of extreme aggravation to some people. With a little practice though, you can change your mindset. When it's supposed to be spring and you find yourself in the midst of a thunder/sleet storm that puts your yard completely under water and threatens approach upon your basement, you can either complain about it...

wi flooding

...or set up your water pump and search out the beauty that the day brings...

icicles on the trees

wi spring storm

find the beauty

wisconsin sleet storm beauty

Fighting something that you have little control over just causes stress and emotional turmoil. It's not worth the worry. Just try my strategy. Find the beauty in it.

Let's all try to get better at finding the beauty, shall we?

And just this once, let your kid get you with a can of silly string when you get home from work.


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Great post, Jessica! I'm on the same journey. It's not always easy, but it is the better choice. Thank God we have a choice in everything, even if it is just how we respond to our circumstances!