Weekly Workout Rundown

Monday, March 25, 2013

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  • 30 min run in AM
  • 25 min circuit training at lunch with friend
  • 45 Zumba after work
  • 30 min walk at lunch with mom
  • 55 min Xtend Barre workout
  • 20 min circuit training at lunch
  • Rest
  • 45 min interval run in AM
  • 55 min run with intervals
  • Rest
My week started out strong and tapered off a bit as I started to feel ill later in the week. In fact, on Friday, I felt ok running in the morning, but went home a little early from work as I started to feel nauseated later in the day. I was in the middle of a meeting, trying to coax myself not to hurl, but I had all the waste baskets scoped out just in case. Saturday morning I felt good enough to do my long run after a bit of coffee. I took it a bit slower than normal though. Our whole house is still recovering from a whirlwind of illness.

Unfortunately I was not a winner in the Diet Bet, which came to its conclusion on Monday. I did lose 4.2lbs, so I guess some good came out of the experience anyhow. Although those 4.2 that I originally gained were the consequences of a bad weekend. See, I told you weekends are my Achilles Heel. Working on that. I did pretty good this past weekend, if I don't say so myself. I always plan my meals for the week but rarely advance plan into the weekend. This will change.

This weekend was filled with memories. I was baptized into my church on Sunday morning and I really feel renewed. I also got my hair chopped, which feels refreshing in itself. Such simple things with such profound results. I just feel like grinning today.

What are your favorite ways to "refresh" and change your outlook?

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