Walking Mantra Meditation

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Since I've been delving into the land of mantras, I thought it would be fun to talk about walking mantra meditations. Now, I'm not a huge meditator. I know all about how good it is for you, and I always have good intentions of meditating, but the practice of silent meditation often falls to the wayside.

After reading an article about walking meditation by friend Nancy Monson, I decided I really like the idea of walking and meditating at the same time. After all, I walk to work a lot, and what's better than multitasking while doing it?

One day, on my way home from work, I selected a word to focus on for the entire trip. The results were actually pretty amazing. Focusing on the word "beauty" made so many lovely and heartwarming things stand out to me. I had covered the non-picturesque territory so many times before, I didn't think anything would really strike me as particularly beautiful, but I was wrong. Turning a simple walk into an opportunity for awareness, wellness, and gratitude is just genius to me. It makes every walk quite a bit more special.

I noticed a squirrel carrying a whole corn cob (funny!)
A sign for "Pleasant Street"

A family decorating their Christmas tree in front of the window (so special!)

Particularly aesthetically-pleasing arrangements of apartment electricity lines (weird, I know!).

And interesting architectural details

And I really can't believe I never noticed this adorable bird treehouse display after living in the same neighborhood for over 7 years!!! It's amazing what you pick up on while you're being intentionally mindful.

Tree full of birds nests

This type of walk was so energizing, I plan on doing it much more in the future.

I've taken walks before where I focused on how fast I was going to the point that my face got really tight. I've taken walks where I focused on a recent fight and used the walk to get away from home, process what happened, and prevent welling rage from erupting. This idea of a walking meditation is much more pleasant and productive, don't you think? And why would you ever take another walk again without focusing on what's truly beautiful? Just another simple way to turn an ordinary everyday task into something a little more special...

Try it! And then leave a note to tell me what you think.

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