Summer Fun at the County Fair

Friday, August 31, 2012

County Fair Rides, Ferris Wheel

Two weekends ago, we bought tickets for the local county fair.

We didn't realize we'd be riding 90% of the rides with a 4-year-old. But oh, how fun that was!

His favorite ride? The Starship 3000 (aka the Gravitron). You know the one, where the little spaceship-like thing spins really fast and you're pinned against the wall. This just cracks me up.

He seemed way too small to be riding those fast-whipping rides, but he loooooved them. And because we could all go together, Hubster and I loved it too! We'll be back next year.

County Fair Rides, Kayne's fave ride, Gravitron (Starship)

County Fair Rides
All the pretty lights

County Fair Rides, Fun House
Fun House

County Fair Rides, Swings

County Fair FFA, Petting huge-eared bunny
He loved the FFA stables, especially huge-eared bunnies.

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