Peanut Picnic: Where the Deer Roam

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Peanut and I have picked up where we left off in fall with our weekly picnics while Daddy's in school. Peanut and I returned to the "scene of the crime" as we'll call it. Just a few days earlier we kinda lost our dog at this very same park after he took off deafly after a couple dozen deer in the clearing. The incident was quite emotionally draining for all of us, but Titus returned happily to us without incident.

In my attempt to keep the incident from traumatizing the Peanut, we returned to the nature trail, just the two of us, to reinstate the place as "safe." And to enjoy the beauty of the place in a more relaxed circumstance was just what we needed to return favor in the place.

The view was perfection:

Asylum Pt Park 4/14/12
Isn't the crook of the neck the most precious, kissable spot on a Peanut?

May 14, 2012
Sandhill cranes chillin' nearby


Check out this huge intricate fungus formation. Wow!

May 14, 2012

See, we're quite happy with this nature area again. The boy's face says it all.


He even brought a few "friends" to share the experience with.


There was certainly a lot to marvel at this time around.

Kayne took this pic
Even Peanut wanted to take some pictures.

This happened to be the day after Mother's Day. After a whole day dedicated to marvelling at the work of a mother, I saw this beautiful example of parenting in nature. Imagine having to wrangle all of these babies. One momma did lose track of two of her brood. She dropped everything and started squawking to find them. They happily peeped back until they were all rejoined.


Day after mother's day


This was one of the most peaceful evenings I've enjoyed in a long time. I love how taking our dinner outdoors changes the ordinary, everyday into something more remarkable.

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