Weekend Family Fitness

Saturday, March 24, 2012


The weekends have been very kind to us lately. Although we woke up to clouds and rain this morning, it stopped about mid-morning so we toyed with the idea of a little excursion. Hubster found an article about the rare phenomenon that is sturgeon spawning, happening nearby in New London. Although fish aren't really my *thing* I thought it would still be nice to be outside and we knew Peanut would love it.

New London, WI

And love it, he did. When he spotted his first sturgeon, he was sure he had spotted something huge. "Look mamma, a whale!" He's even been to Sea World, so he'd know a whale when he saw one, right?

There were schools of giant fish bumping up very close to shore. The sheer number of people that come to view this phenomenon is amazing. And all the pointing, oohs and ahs, and hushed anticipation are worth the trip in itself. Not only that, but it was a beautiful 60-degrees. Still unheard of for a March in Wisconsin.

New London Sturgeon

See I think those fins make them look more like sharks, but that's just me. *Wink*

New London, WI sturgeon

New London Sturgeon

At the assistance of a charming 3-year old, grandma and grandpa were strongly encouraged to ride along. They obliged and had just as much fun as he did.


Kayne and Bampa, Watching for sturgeon

There were some nice trails and bridge walks in the area that we happily ambled along. It was truly refreshing to be out in that fresh air, walking altogether as a three-generation family, and witnessing a rare phenomenon of nature. Sure, we enjoyed some family fitness, but we barely even noticed! Especially with views like this:

New London, New London, WI

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