Resolutions for Happiness

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Last year I wrote a great article outlining ways to stay on top of your resolutions. I also blogged about how I don't think resolutions need to be confined to one day of the year. I believe we can start over any day, any second of any day.

This year, I'm approaching resolutions from a "what makes me happy" standpoint. I'm going to make it a point to enrich my life this year, not trouble myself too much with where I'm falling short.

I did some, what I like to call, stream-of-consciousness journaling. I was grabbing papers out of the recycle bin and bits of fabric from the craft room floor to piece together the pages. Here is a personal peek inside the pages:

I have a terrible habit of collecting things and "saving them" for a good time. Sometimes I save them to the point that they're outdated or no longer suit my taste. For instance, I have a whole package of 8-1/2" x 11" scrapbook paper from high school that I collected bit by bit. I find some of the patterns horrifying now and I've since graduated to the standard 12"x12" scrapbook anyhow. I am still inclined to save beautiful fabrics for that "ideal" project and expensive face cream for the night before special parties. Instead, this year, I'm going to make a concerted effort to enjoy the things I find beautiful NOW!

I also did some season-specific pages, outlining the things that I want to do in the summer and the winter, like "perfect a Sangria recipe" in summer and "morning jump rope/stretches to get warm" in winter. My whole heart felt lighter as I was brainstorming all these things that bring me pleasure. I want to remember to indulge in these special things with each passing month. In fact, I'm so eager about them, I want to do them all today!
I even did a "Do the things I Love" page, listing my top sources of pleasure, so that I don't forget to make space for them in my daily routine.

And I plan to do my favorite things by implementing a 10-min increment plan. You know, all those 10 minute chunks of time we let slip away each day? Well, I'm going to squirrel them away and work my hardest to bring some of my dreams to fruition. There's a lot you can make, research about, see or sweat off in 10 minutes. Even parts of those "things I love" from the list above can be managed in 10 minutes.

I also set some fun fitness, finance and romance goals. And I have a page listing what I could be doing daily, weekly and monthly to achieve my dreams. This process is like therapy! I suggest giving it a try. In fact, "dream planning" is now on my list of weekly goals, along with picking out my weekly workouts, and checking in on the family budget. Ahhh, sounds perfect.

What are your plans for 2012?

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