Peanut Picnics #6

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Our sixth picnic ended faster than it started. But hey, at least we got to eat before we left.


Those boys no longer cooperate with the camera either. Ha! Nice milk mustache, man.


This was probably one of the most random outings we've had yet. There was a squirrel checking us out.

The boys insisted I take a picture of a floating bottle.

But the water always brings an extra sense of wonder to those playful pups. And the weather was unseasonably warm for an October day in Wisconsin.

See the watch on his arm? I guess this could be considered foreshadowing to what happened, but that is actually a "potty timer." Thanks Pull-Ups!

The boys did get to play for a few minutes though.


We got to play for about 5 minutes. Momma included. They put me on one of those spinny playground chairs. But my feet couldn't even reach the ground. And those things are engineered to keep spinning to infinity. I had to cry out between fits of laughter for them to stop me.

That's when I noticed the wet spot down the legs of the boy who insisted on wearing real underwear to the park. And that was the short end of that. Thank goodness I had an extra Pull-Up in the car.

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