Peanut Picnics #5

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It took awhile to find this local park. I knew whereabouts it was, but couldn't pinpoint it. We weaved through quite a few roads. Just as I was on my way to a different park, I took one last turn and got just as excited as the kids to have finally found it.


There's a playground on one side of the street and a huge open football field on the other side. My son was yelling "Go Pack Go," even though the field was populated by the little leagues.



The boys noticed some "balls" from one of the trees. They gathered as many as their little arms could carry, up to the elbows. They had the whole park going with ball games. One tiny boy put a ball on the bridge and started jumping. They played ski-ball on the slides. They played catch. Amazing what one little gift from a tree can do for the entertainment of tiny people.


My nephew has told his mommy more than once that she's not allowed to come along on our picnics. This is something he only does with his cousin and auntie, so there!

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