A Successful Thrifting Adventure

Monday, September 5, 2011

Remember how I said I needed a picnic blanket and tablecloth for our weekly picnics? Just Saturday I went thrifting and came up with everything I need and then some. What a rush!

I found a beautiful quilt that I'm going to have a hard time using on the ground. I feel like I should be using it on my son's bed or something rather than the great outdoors. But for $3, I think it'll be OK.


The vintage tablecloth has a beautiful flower pattern on it. Again, I feel like I should be using this on the dining room table, but we have enough tablecloths for the whole year already. And this beautiful specimen was only $2.


A few other things I was psyched to find:

A nearly complete/barely used set of oil pastels for the youngin' and I to get artsy with. And yes, that's what I paid for it. Nope the other price. A whole quarter!!!


And this gorgeous vintage serving platter for $0.75. I think this was there last time I visited my favorite thrift store. I had my eye on it then too. I even picked it up several times and drooled over the pretty design. Why did I even hesitate for that price?


Especially when it dawned on me what I could use it for. It makes a nice display piece for my homemade hair bows, doesn't it?


Then, there's the beautiful stack of extra pillowcases I found. I was looking for some extras that match the sheets we already have, because pillowcases always seem to be in short supply.


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