Peanut Picnics #2

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last Tuesday we geared up for a picnic on a little island. The island is connected to the mainland by a little bridge. There's still a beautiful lighthouse situated on said island.


We laid out our "new" vintage quilt and cracked open the Yoo-hoo milk.


After a little while, the boys spotted an airplane. My nephew got all excited and said, "They can see Jesus up there!" My favorite moment so far!


Disclaimer: this shot was totally not staged! Ha! My explorers went to scout out the island and stood side-by-side with hands on hips surveying the new territory.

While we were eating, we were graced by the company of this beauty. Something you don't see around the kitchen table or noshing in front of the tube.


When they were done eating--a task that took quite awhile with all the beautiful distractions--we took an adventure exploring the rest of the island. On the opposite end is a little pool of still water. So, the boys picked up a few sticks and got to work "fishing." The seaweed is a beautiful fish, isn't it?




We found holes...


...and mountains.


Then, we took a walk to another section of the mainland park. There's an open field next to a wooded area that I was going to let the Peanuts run around. When I was little, our family would bring our dogs here to run. I've been coming to this part of the park since I was tiny.

I noticed a little opening at one end of the wooded area, so we walked toward it. There was a sign. I assumed it would say "no trespassing." It did not. It said the trail was meant for hiking and cross-country skiing.

How did I not know about this trail all these 20-something years of frequenting the place!?!?!

We started walking and came upon a fork in the road. Taking the path on the right, we found a huge open field. And then we entered fricken' Narnia! Or the Secret Garden! One of those magnificent secret places you always hoped you'd stumble upon as a kid but never found. Really, I was THAT excited about it. I have dreams about such adventures as this. There was a locked up little campground with about four cabins and a main building. We found a picnic table with a grill and a volleyball net. And even a set of well-kept swings!!!


We left the other fork yet undiscovered for another time. We'll definitely be back to see where that one leads.

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