Wrestling Around

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crow pose

Wrestling around must be good for your family life and your health. Last night, my husband and I spread a blanket in the living room and challenged each other to some crazy challenging poses. I challenged him to the Crow, Bow, Bridge and Camel poses from Yoga. By the way, he can actually do the Crow pose and I can't. He challenged me to the partial headstand. He can keep his legs vertical, mine stay slanted. We also did some weird tandem moves that he remembered from back in grade school. Then he showed me some real wresting moves that he did back in his one year on the high school team.

Meanwhile, our son was doing somersaults and being my rescuer from daddy. We looked like a bunch of goons, but it was fun. The TV and computer stayed off. We were laughing like crazy. We reminisced about high school and gym classes. And I can feel the effects in my legs and back today. I never had more fun working out. In fact, I didn't even consider it a workout.

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