The Clarity of Glass

Monday, March 7, 2011

Studio: Perfume bottles & beakers 1 Image from IlluminatedPerfume

I think I've finally pinpointed my love of glass, crisp empty notebooks, air purifying plants, crisp white clothes (although I don't own many because of a deep-seated fear of bleach), fresh air, lotus flowers, fresh real foods, water, icicles and so much more than I could list. I've even come to embrace the act of spring cleaning recently. The link would've been so blatant, had I compiled a list of some of my favorite things sooner.

These things resonate with my passion for purity and cleanliness, blank canvases and clarity, the wholesome and genuine. My most favorite people are not those with essences of mystery or muddied intentions, but those of trueness and openness. I enjoy the company of authentic people with clear intentions and clear consciences. I bask in tranquility. I have faith in a soul-cleansing God. I treasure honesty. I value sincerity. Following a pure and faultless path is grounds for clarity. And all the things I listed embody that sentiment.

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