The Mother of Invention

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My mind has recently taken to thinking up inventions and website development ideas. Of course, I don't have the wherewithal to carry most of them out (or maybe I do and don't know it). I just like to think them up. I keep reading about 16-year-olds who started up their own websites and became overnight millionaires. I'm not necessarily looking at this with dollar signs in my eyes, but the concept of coming up with these ideas just fascinates and intrigues me beyond belief.

Some of the websites that I've been thinking about are already out there in cyberspace. And they help me tremendously once I find them, such as this online recipe organizer. I start with the basic concept that the mother of all invention is necessity (I really need a place to store all my favorite recipes online!). Such a simple adage with such profound effects in the world.

I'm working on developing a personalized notebook where you can reload or remove sheets as needed. It would also include and organize a bunch of needs in one place. Mine would have about a million tabs in it for writing ideas, sketches, gratitude lists, books to read lists, things to buy lists and about 999,995 more. Different types of papers and designs would also be required. My notebook would probably be more like something you would find on Etsy. I've been doing a lot of research on quality sketch and watercolor papers and bookbinding techniques to make it just right. If I get good momentum going, I could probably make some others for upcoming gifts and sell them in my own yet-unestablished Etsy store. Here is a peek at some of the designs that are inspiring me right now:

I absolutely love the three-ring laminated designs by Crown Bindery

Monika Wright's mini notebooks and albums are just darling and absolutely perfect.

I am a big fan of repurposing old tattered old books into something new and cherished. I've had my eye on storybook notebooks like this one from BigLittle's shop for awhile now.

My husband has promised to try an experiment with a drill to see if we can bring some of my ideas to fruition. I am at least hopeful that we can "invent" some kind of paper organization system that works for me. I am so tired of seeing my little piles of tattered notes and musings scattered about everywhere. I need a place to keep them all safe and sound.

Plus, I've been on an artsy creation streak for awhile now. I recently made some no-sew applique scarves, fridge menu boards, fabric flowers and other ephemera. I just.can't.sit.still!!!!

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Monika Wright | I Love It All said...

Thanks for featuring some of my mini-albums on your blog...I am honored!