Turning Happiness Up a Notch

Friday, July 2, 2010

I mentioned something in a previous post about always doing something to nourish yourself, such as listening to music at work. I've been thinking a lot about this and I can see so many benefits from listening at work that I thought it would be beneficial to share so that everyone can benefit from it.

1. Music drowns out those "corporate sounds" of copying machines, bubblers cooling off, high heels on concrete, sales calls, incessant typing and other noises that sometimes stifle our sense of individuality.

2. Your taste in music and the emotions that the music evokes provide you with a sense of place in the world that extends far beyond the makeshift walls of your cubicle. It's so easy to surrender to the grind that we could sometimes use a shift.

3. I tend to find lyrics the perfect ignition for my creative wheels. Sometimes a line of music--or even my mis-hearing of a line--provides me with an idea that churns itself into a pearl.

4. This is your chance to learn about new and unheard-of artists. Pandora is my go-to place. You type in your favorite song or artist or someone you hear about in a magazine or blog posting and you get a personalized radio station with similar-sounding musicians to expand your playlist.

5. Music has the profound ability to change or complement any mood. I turn on the meditation stations when I'm getting stressed out or the modern folk station when I need an artistic boost.

Today I'm listening to classical music, trying to memorize the names of composers and broaden my cultural knowledge. Come on, tune in!

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