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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So, I've been reading a lot about celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson lately. Just like other things I've written about, it seems once I hear about something, I'll hear about it a few times. Tracy Anderson popped up in my inbox twice in one day, so I thought it would be worth checking out.

There are devout followers and extreme skeptics of the Tracy Anderson Method. Tracy emphasizes the itsy bitsy dancer body, which of course isn't for everybody or every body. The claims made are that she has over a decade of research under her belt, but I'm very curious as to what and how trustworthy this research actually is. And some of the nutrition plans of hers that I've come across sound sketchy. And who on this Earth, besides Madonna, has two hours six days a week to work out? Just sayin'.

Anyhow, Tracy places a wonderful emphasis on improving strength and sculting a sexy body without worrying about adding bulk. It's a wonderful high rep/low weight method to try on alternate days from your low rep/high strength training days. Don't mistake the low weights as a workout for pansies, because some of them can be very hardcore. The method also has some similarities to Pilates, but with a much more diverse set of exercises. For one, Pilates puts focus on the core, while Tracy Anderson chisels out arm and leg muscles as well.

Althought I don't think the complete plan is sustainable, I am a proponent of variety. So, I have incorporated a few of Tracey's methods into my workouts this week.

Here are a few places where you can find a few free workouts from Tracy:

1. Daily Candy recently posted four workout videos with Tracy. This is a link to the "Tracy Anderson" search results. There are four different targeted workouts from which to pick and choose. Tracy guides you, but you have to pause the video to eke out the indicated reps by yourself.

2. Just type Tracy Anderson in YouTube to bring up several free 10-minute-ish workouts.

3. The home page of the Tracy Anderson Method Website offers a free workout video if you enter your email address. No gimmicks or hassle, or I wouldn't have signed up myself.

4. Self Magazine published a wonderful arm workout by Tracy several months ago. Print the slide show and do in your living room.

Check out Tracy's website and studio images. People are paying $900 a month to work out with her on funky pully systems and cube-shaped frames. She also made a series of workout DVDs you can get on her website or Amazon. For now, I'll just take advantage of the free online workouts, thanks.

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