High Rollin' on Skates

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I've decided that today, a cross training day, will be dedicated to roller blades. The weather is finally shaping up and I have a pair of shiny new skates in the attic that have been waiting to come out of hiding. I bought them just as it was getting cold and snowy. So, I did a little research on roller blade workouts, because I don't want to sell my workout short. Here are some different moves that I've come across that I might try when no one's looking:

1. In N Out: While skating, get into squat position. From there, move legs out wide, bring them in and repeat.

2. One-legged In N Out: Same as In N Out, except move only one leg out to the side at a time during each rep.

3. Riding backwards: Basically the same as In N Out, just propelling yourself backwards.

4. Leg lifts: Grab a bench or tree for balance. Since the skates provide extra resistance, leg lifts to the side get an extra push.

5. Rear leg lift: Same as above; use skate for resistance and lift one leg behind you.

I found a whole lot more intricate moves as well that I am not even going to attempt. Even just braking is going to take some getting used to again. We'll work on the more coordinated dance steps some other time:)

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Emily Conrad said...

I love Rollerblading with my dog. I notice that if I pay attention to form, I get a much more thorough workout. These things are something to think about... Not today though, since it's raining.