Disc Golf

Thursday, March 11, 2010

So, I'm thinking about adding this sport to my summer workout/entertainment repertoire. I've never played the game, but it seems quite enjoyable and of course, cheap. Something the whole family can participate in while enjoying the outdoors. And apparently there are several courses within only a few miles of my home. Who knew?

I've been exploring several other obscure activities this year. My husband and I took in a roller derby game a few months ago. I never even knew that game existed until I had a friend who joined a team. I don't think I'll be joining a team myself anytime soon though. I'm not sure I'm ready for those "interesting" uniforms.

I'm also considering letterboxing or geocaching. I probably would have fallen in love with these ventures as a kid, so I think it would be neat to treat my son to an adventure.

Have you ever tried disc golf, and what did you think? Are there any other "out there" fitness activities you've tried or considered?

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