Strong Internal Desires

Friday, February 19, 2010

Have you ever had that feeling like you were meant to do something profound? Like trolling along through your day-to-day life wasn't nearly enough? Like you were missing something you were supposed to be doing? I've been having one of those days...months...years really. I feel this strong internal urging to do something amazing, but am at a loss as to what that something might be. As silly as this might sound to some, I feel like with being on "this side" of 30, that prime time to shine is running out.

I don't necessarily desire celebrity or barrels of money. I am not being lured by selfish desires. It's not so much about status as it is about making some sort of impact for the benefit of others. I can't turn this switch off, nor do I want to. I'm just trying to figure out where this internal drive is leading me.

The two magnetic forces that are attracting my "like crazy" are all things nature-related and writing.

But this also makes me wonder if everyone has the same pestering feeling. You watch all these people trying out for American Idol who enter the auditions completely convinced that they have what it takes to entertain the entire country and then they're complete flops. Is this inkling a complete lie then? Are these people just completely crazy? Am I then crazy?

On the other hand, I've read about moguls of different niches that felt that strong push as well. Perhaps it's just how in-tune we are to our real talents, not talents we convince ourselves we have, that determines whether we succeed or fail.

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